Final Fantasy XIV Rolls Out Incentives to Get More People to Play

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, arguably the only successful paid MMORPG this generation, has announced a series of steps to get even more people to play this pretty amazing game.

The first is a trial client which we’ve already covered on the site.

The second is the “Recruit a Friend” campaign. Current players can get their friends to join through the Mog Station, and if they are successful in converting someone to the game, both players will receive exclusive items. There are some extra requirements for this however.

First, the recruiter must be currently subscribed to FFXIV themselves. Secondly, the rewards will only be given if the friend purchases a 30 day subscription. A bonus Two-Seated Chocobo mount will be awarded to the recruiter if the friend purchases a total of 90 days in subscriptions.

Not bad methods I’d say, and as FFXIV relies on player revenue to keep running, I hope more people check out this game. It’s one of the few MMOs I’ve ever enjoyed fully, and our writer, Ed McGlone, has nothing but praise for the series.

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