Become Vice President of the World in New Citizens of Earth Trailer

Atlus knows how the please the eyes of fans of JRPGs. They, obviously, make the famous and most successful modern day updates of the JRPG genre with the Persona series, but now they’re digging into the most old-school style JRPG they’ve released or published yet; the upcoming political campaign RPG Citizens of Earth.

In the new trailer, the main gameplay mechanic of the game is focused on; using your considerable charisma as Vice-President of the World to save your hometown from a growing amount of bizarre monsters, and ultimately convincing them to help you save the world. It looks like Double Fine by way of Earthbound, and I like the sound of that combination.

Citizens of Earth comes out in October 2014 for PS4, PSVita, 3DS, WiiU, and Steam.

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