Train Simulator Devs Announce Dovetail Games Fishing

Simulator style games seem to be at their height of popularity, from more serious simulations like Train Simulator to parodies of the genre such as Goat Simulator and the perplexing Rock Simulator 2014.  Dovetail Games, makers of the aforementioned train simulation game, have decided to add fishing to the list of sim-monikered games.  This new title, Dovetail Games Fishing, is set to follow in Train Simulator‘s footsteps, going for the most realistic virtual portrayal of fishing that can be made.

All the fishing joy, none of those pesky outdoors.

All the fishing joy, none of those pesky outdoors.

The game is being headed by Rob O’Farrell and Chris Roberts, former EA execs that hope to “create a fishing simulation which, utilizing the revolutionary Unreal Engine 4® architecture will recreate in breath-taking detail the immersive and engaging experience of angling for leisure or competition.”

The simulator is expected to release in late 2014 on PC, so be sure to catch it if you’re into that kind of thing (see what I did there?).


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