Sign-Ups For Evolve's Upcoming PC Alpha Are Open Now

The alpha is all the rage at the moment, it seems. First Destiny, and now Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical monster hunting co-op shooter Evolve is getting one. The trickle-up of Early Access is now taking effect, though at least we aren’t paying full price for the Alpha with the promise of the full product later. Well, not yet anyway.

The Evolve Alpha for PCs will happen later this month, around the same time as the Destiny Beta, and you can sign up right now here. Warning; the Alpha is only available for mainland North American players. The password, for the record, is “happyhunting” and the referral code is “JoinTheHunt”.

In addition to the Alpha, an exclusive Beta is coming to the Xbox One this fall. Evolve comes out on October 21st for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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