Resonance of Fate Developers Working on Judas Code, Another Gun RPG for the Vita

I love Resonance of Fate. I loooooove it. Even if the game was hard as balls, its challenge made the art of strategy more beautiful, and in this writer’s opinion, makes Resonance of Fate the Dark Souls of turn-based RPGs.

With that said, the developers are returning to the realm of guns and role-playing with a free-to-play Vita RPG titled, Judas Code.

Taking place during World War III, Judas Code, combines guns and RPG elements once again only, y’know, f2p and on the Vita. Narrative details are sparse but Japanese game magazine Famitsu seems explain that a mysterious pillar named “Longinus” has eroded the planet, making it an apocalyptic husk for you and your gun to conquer. The single-player portion will focus on the shooting aspect while multiplayer seems to be some sort of card game that’s all the rage these days.

Frankly if this is anything like Resonance of Fate (which being from the same developer I feel like it would be) and with a price point of “free,” I’ll probably pick it up when it releases in Japan this summer.


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