Psychological Hostage-Taking Thriller Gods Will Be Watching Gets Official Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

If you were following our antics over at PAX East 2014, you may have noticed an interesting game we had a chance to fumble around with named Gods Will Be Watching. Developed by Deconstructeam and published by Devolver Digital, Gods Will Be Watching is an upcoming point-and-click thriller where players will assume the roles of hostage-takers, and be forced to test out their own moral compass and ethical considerations in doing so.

Today, Devolver Digital has released the official trailer for Gods Will Be Watching as well as the official release date of July 24th, 2014. If interested, here’s a description of the game from Devolver Digital themselves:

Gods Will Be Watching is a point and click thriller about hard decisions and moral dilemmas in order to survive. A series of dramatic puzzles where both the narrative outcome and the ethical approach to the problem matter as you progress through your adventure. There’s no good or evil, just decisions, with only you as the judge of your actions. Is eating your friends the best way to stay alive, or just the easier.

I had a blast checking out the game myself, so I am definitely looking forward to getting my grubby little hands all over it later this month.

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