Japanese Game Commercial Using American Actors is the Most Hilariously Painful Thing you'll Watch All Day

Earlier today, Bandai Namco released a commercial/trailer for their upcoming arcade light gun game, Lost Land Adventure. Just for a second, let’s ignore the game itself and focus on the video. Uploaded by Bandai Namco’s Japanese YouTube account, I can only assume this spot was targeted towards the Japanese audience. That said, I can’t help but wonder why they would decide to use American actors speaking English for their commercial. At least the subtitles were there.  Back in December 2013, however, Bandai Namco registered the name “Lost Land Adventure,” so an American release does seem to be at least a consideration. But still.

Anyhow, what’s actually funny about this video is the performances on the part of the actors. At the beginning, the pair yells in forced amazement “Lost Laaand Aaadveeentuuuuuures!” Listen to it carefully and you might notice that they actually sound like they are pronouncing the title of the game the way a Japanese person (with something of an accent) might pronounce an English title. And then there’s the painful “wooooooow” immediately following it. And throughout the rest of the video, you can see the awkward enthusiasm they were surely paid to force.

All the same, awkward commercial aside, Lost Land Adventure does look to be a pretty cool game. I’m sure that if I were to see it walking around an arcade, I would be excited to sit down with it for a round or two. But for now, let’s chuckle at an unintentionally humorous video.

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