Immersed Games' New Online MMO is Going to Invade Classrooms Everywhere

Tyto Online is a new online MMO that plans to be just as educational as it is fun. The game is still being developed by an independent studio known as Immersed Games that means to create a game where the fun from MMOs like World of Warcraft can be effectively combined with the elements required for learning to create a single location where kids can get both at once. The studio’s founder, Lindsey Tropf, states:

“We are not your average educational gaming team. We are not trying to make learning fun. Learning is already fun. Our vision was born from the realization that all games, even games like World of Warcraft, are amazing learning tools.”

Tropf explains how gamers learn so much from games without meaning to. League of Legends, World of Warcraft – in each game you end up memorizing and applying what you learned to get better at the game, but what if what you learned wasn’t just limited to the gaming world? That’s the intent for Immersed Games’ Tyto Online.

Children playing the Prototype during One Spark, a crowd funding festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

Children playing the Prototype during One Spark, a crowd funding festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

The game takes place in the 2200s where the Earth is starting to collapse due to centuries of neglect. In order to slow down and eventually stop this decay, the Tyto Foundation was born to bring together the brightest minds of the time and work together to improve the Earth. A century of hyper-accelerated technological advances wasn’t enough, however, as the Earth soon became uninhabitable. A massive evacuation ensues as humanity is forced to scatter among the stars.

The player takes the role of a new recruit at the Tyto Academy, an institution made up of student with the most potential. As a new Tytonian the player must learn as much as they can from the worlds they explore to try and restore the Earth to an inhabitable state.

Concept art for the "biodomes" players will explore

Concept art for the “biodomes” players will explore

A nifty features is that teachers will be able to assign quests and objectives for their students to complete in-game, as well as receive reports of the players’ progress. But the game is definitely not limited to this use and will still be open for recreational gaming. It also seems like the target group is going to be Middle School and High School kids.

Who knows, this may be the future of education. Kids love to play games and not do homework. This game may be the perfect medium teachers and students need and we may see kids playing this in classrooms everywhere.

Tyto Online is still being developed, of course, but the Kickstarter for this project actually opens today in a live Twitch stream at 5:30 EST.
Tune in here and support Immersed Games.

And if you’re interested in supporting this game, check out the Kickstarter.

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