GameStop App 3.0 Update Now Lets You Check Trade-in Values for Your Games

Today, GameStop released version 3.0 of their mobile app for iOS devices. This new update, among several other things, allows you to now look up a game and see how much trade-in credit you can get for it along with any relevant promotions. Prior to this update, checking trade-in values was available for only a limited amount of games on GameStop’s website (usually only the most recent games). The alternative was either calling GameStop and asking an employee or going into the store and checking there, both of which were tedious and inconvenient.

There were several other updates made, but checking trade-in values is clearly the update’s hallmark. Check out all the improvements made below!

GameStop App Update 1GameStop App Update 2

It doesn’t appear as though this new version of the GameStop app is available yet for Android users, but it likely will come, and probably sooner than later. It’s worth noting that the app is neither seamless nor without its bugs. As it was just released, GameStop is surely still kinking out some of the issues. Personally, I have experienced some difficulties with searching for items and even signing in to my account. Still, the update does work, just not as well as users may hope at this time.

Look at all this money I can get!

Look at all this money I can get!

Thanks GameStop! I guess.

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