Game Journalist Simulator is Happening in Case You Wanted To Feel True Misery

I mean, aside from actual misery like hunger or war, the game journalism life is perhaps one of the more misunderstood. Fame can be achieved through any angry opinion projected through a YouTube video, but I will be the first to tell you that it’s actually moral compromise and continuous self re-evaluation that drives the game journo industry. With that in mind, budding game developer Jason Evangelho is taking this year’s popular Goat Simulator and Rock Simulator to their logical, meta-conclusion with Game Journalist Simulator.

Currently in its planning stages, you can expect a lot of self-aware humor as well as clever, ironic, buzzword-type looks into the industry that has claimed the lives of so many hopeful enthusiasts and regurgitated their remains via angry op-eds and Buzzfeed-styled articles. Yes, cynicism will surely factor into this new simulator.

While it is still early in planning, you can expect this game to give an ironic insight into our lives, if I even count to be included is another matter entirely.


[Update]: An earlier version of this story mistakenly wrote that Game Informer‘s Daniel Tack was involved with development. This is not the case.

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