Former Nathan Drake Artist Clarifies- Naughty Dog Unannounced Title a AAA Experience

Michael Knowland recently left Naughty Dog, where he had been a Lead Character artist.  In updating his LinkedIn profile, Knowland stated that the games he had worked on while with Naughty Dog included both the highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and an “Unannounced AAA Game.”

While this may not be the most shocking news, as Naughty Dog has mainly been a AAA, first party publisher of Sony exclusive games, it is still the first clarification regarding any real detail about the unannounced project.

Knowland revealed that he was specifically working on the character of Nathan Drake for the next Uncharted game, and though he is leaving, Naughty Dog executives have made reassurances that staff changes such as this will not effect the development of their games in any significant way.

Given the high turnover of employees tied specifically to the next Uncharted game, it is comforting to hear these reassurances.  There is no reason to doubt that Naughty Dog can keep the game on track, given their previous history, but a subtle acknowledgment such as this one of the staff turnover is somewhat comforting.

[Source: DualShockers]



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