Check Out These Fatal Frame Wii U High Quality Screenshots for A Hefty Dose of Nope

There are some forces out there that very mere mortals should tamper with, like black magic, dark voodoo, and Fatal Frame for the Wii U. As if the games weren’t scary enough, the series’ upcoming entry on the Wii U immerses you in the game’s terrifying world like never before with the use of the GamePad. This all sounds dandy and all, but it’s still currently only announced for Japan, unfortunately. You can, however, check out some lovely (and I mean that in the loosest and scariest sense of the word) screenshots of Fatal Frame running on the Nintendo Wii U system.

If you dig it, you should totally look into signing the petition to give the game a chance at being localized for release overseas as earlier entries in the series once were. Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko (Roughly translated to Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden) is set for release in Japan on September 27th. We’re really hoping for the game to receive a wide release, but we’ll just have to wait and gawk at these screenshots for the time being.

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