EA Announces Ken Moss as New Chief Technology Officer; Fans Don't Care: "Fix the Servers"

Earlier today, Ken Moss was named as EA’s new Chief Technology Officer.

Moss, while new to EA, comes from a pretty impressive line of work in his past. One quick look at his Twitter bio will show you he has worked with all of Bing, CrowdEye, and, most recently, eBay. It’s especially worth noting that Moss spent 20 years with Microsoft where he led and founded the engineering and product teams of Search (which we now lovingly know today as Bing).

Ken Moss Twitter
While his bio does not yet include his new title and position, Moss did take to Twitter himself to share his excitement:

Ken Moss Announcement


Hilariously enough, some Twitter users decided to reply to his announcement with requests for him to fix EA’s servers. Oops.

Thankfully, the reaction to Moss’s personal message was much kinder than it was in the announcement from the official EA Twitter account:

EA Ken Moss Reaction

And the hostile replies continue even after just those few. Oh well, can’t win em all.

If nothing else, it’s certainly nice to hear that this is his “dream job” and that he has finally attained it. We wish Moss all the best in his new job over at EA!

…But seriously, fix the servers.

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