Collectable Card Game in Space, Star Admiral Out Today on iOS

Billed as a free-to-play game that’s “free-to-win”, CCG Strategy game Star Admiral has been released.

Developer Hardcore Games wants to show that free-to-play gaming is a viable option for hardcore gamers on mobile. As such, paying players will not have access to units that those who play for free don’t, and players will not hit a pay wall.

The game is said to have over 100 unique units across 3 main races and 11 mercenary factions. It features competitive multiplayer and 3d animation of your cards. It’ll need to have a lot of depth to compete with the in the highly competitive CCG Market, with Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone being the obvious front-runners.

Star Admiral is out today for iOS, with an Android version to be released in the coming months.

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