Call Of Duty: Ghosts Releases Marijuana DLC (Yes, You Read That Right)

When you think of the Call of Duty franchise, what first comes to mind? If your answer is a prestigious FPS series with each game further setting the bar for the genre, then I’m sorry, you’re quite wrong. You get an F+. Get out of my office and never come back. The correct answer is a mediocre FPS series that caters to the lowest common denominator. And here’s proof: Weed DLC.

Yes, that’s right, Infinity Ward released their “Blunt Force” DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts which includes cannabis-covered characters and personalization packs. I can’t make this shit up, folks.

The Blunt Force DLC, as well as an update with various other DLC packs, is available for the Xbox version of Ghosts, naturally.


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