BioWare Wants Fans to Help Them Make the Next Mass Effect "The Best One Yet"

Here I am, looking at my shelf above my desk where I keep my games when all of a sudden I notice something missing.

…I’ll spare you my horrible attempt at a story. That empty space is where the next Mass Effect game should be. Okay.

Today, BioWare producer Mike Gamble put out a tweet asking fans to participate in a survey that will help the BioWare team in their making of the next Mass Effect. The survey is fairly brief and includes a mix of rating, ranking, and some free response. The whole thing ought not take any more than five minutes.

Mike Gamble Survey
It’s a nice trend I’m seeing these days that developers and publishers are actively reaching out to fans more and more for their opinions. And if there is absolutely one game series I am willing to take part in this for, it is Mass Effect. And as it stands, it seems this survey has already taken off. Make sure you give BioWare your thoughts so we can help make the next Mass Effect one that we will enjoy.

Mike Gamble Survey ResponseIf you’re interested in lending BioWare a hand in making the next Mass Effect, be sure to take their survey!

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