Agitha Featured In Adorable, Bug Filled Hyrule Warriors Trailer

There’s nothing more intimating on the battlefield than a girl with pigtails and a parasol. You think I’m joking, but watch the trailer above and you’ll see where I’m coming from. A new trailer released for Hyrule Warriors shows off the bug fanatic Agitha and her abilities.

Those abilities, are all predictably focused around creepy-crawlies. Agitha can traverse the battlefield by flying on a giant butterfly made of light.If she tires of pummeling enemies with her parasol, she has the ability to summon a giant stag beetle to terrify and slaughter her foes.

Agitha is certainly one of the characters I was surprised to find in Hyrule Warriors, but after watching this trailer I’m confident she’ll feel right at home with the rest of the warriors. Hyrule Warriors releases for Wii U on September 26.

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