Halo 2 Anniversary vs. Halo 2 Comparison Screens Show Sharp, Jaw-Dropping Visual Upgrades

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As expected, Halo 2 is getting the full anniversary treatment later this year, as part of the Halo: Master Chief Collection. That means a revamped graphics engine and the return of the classic Halo 2 multiplayer. And while Halo 3 and Halo 4 are also included in the Master Chief Collection, they are not getting the new engine designed by Saber Interactive.

343 industries released some screenshots of the game, which will be released in November later this year.

[Note: To make sure you see the differences as clearly as possible, be sure to click each image so that you can see an enlarged version of the comparison.]

Every screenshot on the left is from Halo 2 Anniversary, while the screenshots on the right are from the original Halo 2.

We first have a screen of Master Chief aboard Cairo station, an early Halo 2 level. Right away, we can notice the increased sharpness on the Chief’s armor, as well as the light that shines off his helmet. Even the decal on the floor is sharper. The updated models for the grunts are also impressive.


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