Gear up with This New Gauntlet Trailer

The reboot of the classic series of hack ‘n’ slash games, Gauntlet, has received a new trailer ahead of E3. The trailer highlights some new features that are going to be viewed as either progress or blasphemy depending on how much of a purist you are.

In the rebooted Gauntlet, players will be able to customize themselves with different types of armor and weapons, a luxury not normally afforded to the heroes of the realm.  Also shown off in the trailer is a variety of different “relics”, powers, and abilities.

In the past, Gauntlet was the prototypical hack ‘n’ slash game, requiring players to wade through hordes of enemies with nothing more than a simple attack button and the occasional magic or screen clearing ability. Now it looks as though players will have a lot more tools at their disposal, seemingly moving the game closer into Diablo territory. Everyone cool with that?

Gauntlet is currently set for a September 3rd release on Steam.

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