Out of EA and Microsoft, The Sims 4 Wins – Vlogging About Video Games

Here’s one of the ways I’ll make last week’s indiscretion; it’s a new Vlogging About Video Games! I’m at E3 running around and getting into trouble, but first let my exhausted yesterday self talk about the EA and Microsoft conferences. I went to both of them, but skipped over Ubisoft’s and Sony’s. Which is good, because the only thing I really liked from Sony’s was the new Uncharted (WOOOOO). That WOOOOO is not as loud of a WOOOO as the one I gave for The Sims 4, however. But you’ll hear all about that in the video. As this was shot last night, though, I didn’t talk about the Nintendo Direct and I felt the need to note: THAT is my “conference” of the show. Hashtag E3.

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