E3 – Super Smash Bros. Wii Will Feature Heavy Mii Combat Customization

During today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, it was shown that Miis will be entering Super Smash Bros. And they will be far more complex than you might have guessed. Within, three varieties of Mii abttlers were detailed:

Mii Brawlers fight empty handed, up close, and are very fast and powerful.
Mii Swordfighters are weapons masters, chase down opponents with skill and precision.
Mii Gunners have arm cannons and battle using many different weapons and projectiles.

Mii Fighters will have 36 special moves.  With Miis, you can put anybody you want into the battle, including your favorite celebrities like Ice T and Elijah Wood. Maybe even Barack Obama if you’d like. It’s certainly a fun new addition to the roster, so I hope you’re all excited, haha.

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