E3 – Sony Begins Its Conference With Destiny And The White PS4

Sony kicked off their E3 press conference with an impressive showing of Bungie’s Destiny. Featuring cutscenes and some gameplay footage, the trailer did a good job of setting the game’s tone and explaining a little bit of the player’s role as a guardian on planet Mars.

The trailer also gave us a look at the various species of monsters we’ll be up against as well as a little of the game’s co-op features.

Another big announcement was that the Destiny beta would be available for PlayStation owners on 17th July. PS4 owners will also be able to check out the Destiny First Look Alpha this Thursday.

Not only will the game be released on PS4 first, Andrew House also revealed the white colored model of the PS4 which will be bundled with Destiny when it’s released on 9th September.

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