E3 – 12 Hunters, 3 Monsters For Evolve Launch, Plus DLC Details

During the Evolve livestream that was run by the developers yesterday, Turtle Rock officially confirmed the number of monsters and hunters that will be coming to Evolve‘s launch this fall.

Answering questions in the Twitch chat, Turtle Rock confirmed that there will be 12 Hunters to choose from, to which one can infer that there will be three characters to choose from for each class. Also stated is that there will be there will be three monsters available at launch for the game with a fourth coming as the first DLC.

This DLC will not be available at launch, contrary to rumors, though it will be free to those who pre-order the game. Remember that the Xbox One edition of Evolve has a timed exclusivity deal on DLC.

Evolve will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 21st.

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