Aaron Paul's XBOX One Commercial Is The First To Advertise The $399 Kinect-less Bundle

Microsoft has just uploaded a new commercial for the XBOX One, featuring Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul playing Titanfall on the console while chatting with the folks over at Respawn.

The commercial doesn’t really show us anything new besides the usual console features such as the XBOX One voice commands and the ability to switch over to other applications quickly and relatively painlessly.

What’s most interesting about the video is that this looks to be the first ad run of the $399 XBOX One deal that Microsoft had previously announced last month. The commercial ends off with a plug showing off the XBOX One starting at a price of $399 and states that the Kinect will be sold separately. Though it is a little odd that the commercial would place so much emphasis on the console’s voice commands even when they’ve started to advertise this new deal.

The Kinect-less XBOX One bundle will be on sale on 9th June.

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