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Wario Land 4 Lands on Wii U VC and Others on 3DS


Wario Land 4 Lands on Wii U VC and Others on 3DS

Time for the usual weekly Nintendo eShop update! On the console side of things, the Wii U gets a solitary update in the form of Wario Land 4 on the Virtual Console, one of the fan favorite launch titles for the GBA that continued the tradition of second favorite greedy fat man, Wario.

A lot more on the 3DS though with the continued release of the Gameboy versions of Mega Man II and Mega Man III in Capcom’s “Mega May” promotion, as well as the new Denpa Men 3, Grinsia, Sokomania 2, Jewel Quest 4 Heritage, and Parking Star 3D.

Bit of a slow week this one if you were looking for something to do with school letting out for a lot of people, but definitely consider picking up Wario Land 4 or Denpa Men if you’re a fan of the quirky and the weird.

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