The Walking Dead S2 Episode 3 Finally Connects with 400 Days

The Walking Dead: 400 Days was one of the best little surprises of last summer– a tiny bite of what would be to come in the next season of Telltale’s runaway hit, but many gamers were confused as to how it would tie in with season two of the main game. This morning, Telltale tweeted out some new screens for the next episode of season two, In Harm’s Way, along with the tease that surviving characters from previous episodes and 400 Days would be making an appearance.

No specific word on when the next episode can be expected, but Telltale teased with their usual and mysterious “soon” which, given their track record, means that the game could be coming out as soon as next week. Exciting!

I for one can’t wait to see how all the little characters and stories from 400 Days factor into things in the grand scheme. It wasn’t entirely clear by the end, but I got a feeling that one way or the other, it spells doom and danger for little Clementine.

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