Twinfinite Insider – GAMERZ and the Future of Final Fantasy Edition!

[Welcome to Twinfinite Insider, your home for a summary of what went on this week at Twinfinite that you may have missed. We’ll be listing all the features we posted about, from Monday until Sunday.]

 This week’s Twinfinite Insider contains a lot of features that look into the future of the industry. Yami vlogs about video games (get it?!) and specifically the upcoming Julian Assange simulator, Far Cry 4, while running murderers, tornadoes, and tornado murderers. Zhiqing took a look at the talk by Shinji Hashimoto, Square Enix’s producer for big game titles such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and at the potential release date for Final Fantasy XV. Diego played around with Titanfall’s second screen app and came away less than impressed. Chaz took a look back at our collective gaming past to make sequel suggestions for the future, and absolutely nails it by asking for another entry in the Chrono Trigger universe.



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