Timmy Bibble's Friendship Club Is My Next Couch Co-op Game

Couch co-op is all the rage, lately. Sportsfriends‘ release is around the corner, Nidhogg just got announced for the PlayStation 4, and Towerfall is still in constant rotation at the Edwards’ household. But I can never, ever have too many games to play with your friends, so as soon as I saw Friendship Club on Steam Greenlight I had to give them a yes vote.

Freindship Club is a local-mutiplayer arena shooter where player’s get to control one of Timmy Bibble’s various imaginary friends. Players must shoot bullets that bounce off the walls for the duration of the match, and/or slash their way to victory in procedurally generated arenas. Judging from the trailer above it looks like just the right amount of controller throwing chaos.

Freindship Club is currently seeking Greenlight votes here, and is available to pre-order here.

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