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Tales from the Borderlands Screens Revealed, I'm All In


Tales from the Borderlands Screens Revealed, I'm All In

What wonderful noos we have here! Look, it’s no secret I’m a huge Telltale fan, so is it really such a surprise that even though I hated Borderlands, I’m all in with Tales from the Borderlands? The first screenshots showing off the game have been released and they’re looking very Telltale Gamesy. Did you know you’ll be playing as two different characters throughout the story (Rhys the data-miner and Fiona the con-artist)? They both see the world differently (which I’m sure will lead to very interesting player choice) and aren’t vault hunters in this story taking place after the events of Borderlands 2. Producer Adam Sarasohn has posted details over here, as well. Player choice that will actually matter! Maybe! Could just be a bluff! Who cares, it’ll still be an engaging story.

Check out the screenshots and let me know what you think!

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