Spice & Wolf Author's Visual Novel, World End Economica, Available on Steam

Spice & Wolf was an anime about a merchant and his fox tailed girlfriend/deity that turned out to be less about any of those things and more about mercantile economics…Yeah, it was awesome.

Isuna Hasekura’s visual novel World End Economica follows in the same financial vein, taking place in a distant future on board a space colony where our young protagonist wishes fulfill his dream. In order to do so however, he needs capital which he plans on earning through the stock market…in Space.

Localized by the group Sekai Project, a group focused on bringing indie doujin games to a greater audience, the first part is available on early access via Steam. Currently they are working on additional languages, as well as Mac and Linux support, afterwhich they will resume work on part 2 and 3.

The game is currently on sale for $9.74 until after the weekend where market prices will regulate its competitive cost at $12.99


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