New MechRunner Screens Prove that Giant Robots Will Always Be Awesome

Kickstarter hopeful MechRunner dropped a bunch of new screens today, all of which showcase the awesome storm of giant robot driven fighting they know we all crave. The screens show off one playable mech, three environments, and a bunch of gameplay features. The screenshot pack also includes art for three of the game’s bosses: the Mortar Boss, the Train Boss, and the Sewer Boss. Check out the gallery featuring all the screens below.

As badass as all this art is, the game is still 5k short of its $25,000 funding goal with 4 days left to go in the Kickstarter campaign. Check out the link here for more details. The page describes the game as “An endless arcade action game that casts you as a powerful mech in stunning cinematic battles against a relentless robotic army.” Seriously, those are like all the buzzwords for an awesome experience.

If funded, MechRunner will soon be coming to a PC, PS4, or PS Vita near you.

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