Kim Jong Un Gets His Own Video Game, and He’s Riding a Unicorn

It seems games can simulate anything these days. You can be whatever your heart desires, like an expert surgeon, a paper-sifting immigration officer, or even a goat. But, have you ever had the intense urge to try your hand at running a ruthless dictatorship?

Probably not. But if the authoritarian urge ever does strike you, Moneyhorse Games has you covered with Glorious Leader!. This side-scrolling video game features none other than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, doing exactly what you’d expect: riding a flaming unicorn into battle. Dennis Rodman is also involved, the former NBA player who’s made a few trips to visit “friend” Kim Jong Un.

Moneyhorse Games walks a fine line with Glorious Leader!. It’s tough to make a satirical mockery of Kim Jong Un’s antics without making light of the dictatorship’s criminal regime.

Kim Jong Un simulator will be available soon on PC and mobile devices, so you can defeat capitalism at home or on the go.

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