Get EXTREME With Mega Man Xtreme on the 3DS Virtual Console

I would never fault anyone back in the day for thinking Mega Man X was really Mega Man 10 (ironical consider THAT would come out like 15 years later) but that certainly wouldn’t have happened if the game were called Mega Man Xtreme.

Mega Man Xtreme actually was a game back on the Gameboy Color and now it’s available starting today on the 3DS Virtual Console. The game is a mashup of elements and stages from Mega Man X and Mega Man X2, so if you ever wanted to see the 16-bit classic in 8-bit now’s the time to do so if you never picked it up back in the day.

The release of Xtreme marks the beginning of Capcom’s “Mega May” in which a Gameboy Mega Man game will be releasing every week for the rest of the month. Hopefully this includes the hot fan favorite, Mega Man V, notable for being one of the few wholly original Gameboy Mega Man games.

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