Buy Watch Dogs and Get 12 Months of PS+ for $25 or XBL for $35 at Target

An advanced preview of next week’s weekly ad for retailer Target (active 5/25-5/31, 2014) has shown an exciting sale to give players even more incentive to buy Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs Mario Kart 8 Target Ad
Look closely and you’ll see that, when you buy Watch Dogs, you can get $25 off your total purchase when you also buy a 12 month subscription to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. This essentially allows players to buy a 12 month subscription of either for half off (or at least close to half off.) It seems Target recognizes that Watch Dogs is a game that many people will be playing on the new consoles, so what better way to get people on these subscriptions than throwing it into a package? If you’re at Target next week, this is certainly something you won’t want to miss.

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