League of Legends Trials of the Poro: Mustached Champion Joining the Fields of Justice

Deep in the snowy, war-torn lands of Freljord, one poro embarks on an epic journey for freedom, bravery… and poro snax. What can I say, poros can’t get enough of the gooey treats, and sometimes their big appetites lead them into a little trouble. By trouble, I mean smack dab in the middle of a Freljord battlefield. Luckily, a new League of Legends champion, previewed in the video, is there to rescue our brave poro, and gift him with a mustache of protection.

Trials of the Poro

The champion preview seems to hint at a defensive support or top character. As well as being comfortably shirtless in a subzero snowstorm, Mr. Mustache wields a sturdy shield, huge muscles, and of course, his mighty ‘stache of power.

Skyen on Trials of the Poro

Yep. Calling it.

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