Stick it to the Man! And Puppeteer Headline May PS Plus Offerings

The U.S PlayStation Blog has revealed what is in store for U.S. PlayStation Plus subscribers throughout the month of May.

PlayStation 4 owners looking for something new to play during the launch window blues can try out Stick it to the Man!. It’s a colorful point and click adventure game that has players ripping stickers from the thoughts of people to solve puzzles.

PlayStation Vita fans I hope you also like puzzlers because you have a pair coming your way this month. Surge Deluxe will have you matching blocks in order to manage a volatile new electrical energy source. Limbo, the dreary puzzle/platformer which debuted a couple of years ago, is free for the first time for PS Vita owners.

If you like soccer, 2D fighters, and/or puppet simulators the PlayStation 3 has got you covered. Serving up a good deal of variety this month, PS3 PS Plus subscribers will be able to pick up Pro Evolution Soccer 2014Skullgirls Encore, and Puppeteer at some point this month. 

Check out the video above if you want to see the games in action.

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