Silent Hill: Downpour Comic Spinoff, Anne's Story Revealed at Wondercon

While I was unaware of this myself, it seems that a comic spinoff of Silent Hill: Downpour focusing on officer Anne Cunningham’s journey through Silent Hill and published by IDW Comics was in the works for a while.

At Wondercon 2014, this project came to realization with IDW Comics announcing that Anne’s Story will release as a comic mini-series this summer on August 20th. The series, as the title suggests, will focus on Anne Cunningham who chased the protagonist(?) Murphy Pendleton into Silent Hill only to appear to him several times throughout the series worse off than before. Depending on the ending you got, officer Cunningham played a much bigger part in your life than you’d expect and to see her journey should be interesting for comic fans. Personally I appreciated aspects of Downpour while saddened by its continued reliance on previous games of the series.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Silent Hill series already had comic spinoffs? I should look that up.

[Source: RelyOnHorror]

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