PAX East – Gods Will Be Watching Interview with Developer Jordi de Paco

Upcoming indie title Gods Will Be Watching by Deconstructeam has always been considered to be a bit of a departure from the point-and-click thriller genre. Here, players will actually assume the roles of hostage-takers and be forced to make some morally questionable decisions.

It is without a doubt an interesting game, so we decided to have a chat with one of the lead developers of Gods Will Be Watching, Jordi de Paco.

Among the things discussed were:

1. How would you describe Gods Will Be Watching to the people at home who couldn’t be in attendance at PAX?
2. Why did you decide to take such a unique angle and look at it from the perspective of a hostage-taker?
3. Assuming you were not a hostage-taker, was it difficult to create and write the hostage-taking characters?

With such an interesting outlook on war, I am very much looking forward to Gods Will Be Watching and seeing how it tests my own moral compass.

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