Nintendo to Allow for Separation of "Hardcore" Players in New Smash Bros.

It seems Nintendo has finally noticed the disparity between “hardcore” and “casual” Smash players and is making efforts to make the experience enjoyable for both. In today’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that there would be two specific types of game play modes in order to seemingly appeal to both “hardcore” players as well as another to appeal to the more casual players.

The first is “For Fun,” which is geared toward more casual players and includes features as:
1. Random stages (but no Final Destination)
2. All items on
3. Smash battles only
4. Only wins are recorded

The second is “For Glory”, which is geared toward the more hardcore audience and includes features as:
1. Final Destination only
2. No items
3. 1-on-1 battles are possible
4. Both wins and losses will be recorded

Looks like everyone will be able to play Smash Bros. without having to worry about getting mauled or without a challenge.

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