Nate Wells, Lead Artist for Last of Us, Leaves Naughty Dog for Giant Sparrow

Seems like there’s more job hopping around the video game industry these days than a something something frog analogy. That lackluster metaphor’s going to have to cut it for now, because Nate Wells, lead artist for The Last of Us, has left Naughty Dog and joined Giant Sparrow as an art director. This information comes via Nate Wells’s twitter profile, updated with his new title. Wells’s credentials include art for BioshockSystem Shock 2, and games of the Thief series. He’s also voice acted for a few games, including a couple of Thief titles, Freedom Force, and S.W.A.T. 4.

Nate Wells

Giant Sparrow, makers of The Unfinished Swan, holds a 3-game contract with Sony, so we’re bound to see Wells’s work again soon. They’re next project is titled Edith Finch, so whatever deal these guys have with birds, Nate Wells will be directing their fowl (hah) art.

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