Mutant Factions Official Launch Trailer–Mutants, Cars, Guns and More

Mutant Factions is a recently-released top-down, free to play, online shooter. Developer Ben Johnson cites that Mutant Factions‘s twist is that, rather than playing as a man, you’re playing as a mutant.

In all actuality, it seems to be doing some similar things to Evolve: playing as a mutant, killing enemies allows you to mutate further and power up, a balancing act between combatants where each has a particular strength as well as a glaring weakness, and more.

For a free game, it certainly looks like fun. If nothing else, you’ll have wasted a glorious total of $0.00. Check out the Mutant Factions launch trailer, and if you like what you see, you can check out their website here for a download and vote for them on Steam Greenlight!

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