The Forest Coming to Early Access for Early Access to Sheer Terror

When I initially saw a trailer for The Forest, I knew that was one game I was going to steer clear of, not because it looked bad at all, in fact, it looks fantastic, but because I’m afraid of it scaring the piss out of me. The developers at Endnight Games have been working on a new survival horror title that pits you against some sort of cannibal mutants in the middle of a, you guessed it, a forest.

Regardless of how scary it looks, I’m dying to try it out simply because of how awesome it looks with its fortress building mechanic seeming like it ought to add a huge amount of tension as you try to anticipate incoming attacks while trying to protect yourself. You can try out an early incarnation of The Forest for yourself when it hits Steam Early Access on May 22nd for $14.99.

Check out the trailer I mentioned for yourself right here and take a closer look at The Forest:

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