China, MLG Are Building The World's First Video Game Stadium

The hour has come; for all of the grandiose importance that e-sports of gained in the last 10 years, it is high time someone built a colosseum for the electronic competitions. Enter China and MLG, or Major League Gaming, who is building the world’s first video game stadium

The stadium will the centerpiece of a 2.8 billion dollar game-centric theme park called the “V-Zone”. It is due for completion a long time from now, in 2017, and once completed the stadium’s operations will be run by Major League Gaming, who co-announced the project today along with members of the Chinese building outfit Lai Fung, who is overseeing the development of the massive undertaking.

E-sports is, I believe, the fastest growing competitive sport in the world. This is long overdue, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a United States e-sports stadium, also with MLG involvement, is not announced before the end of the year.

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