Amazon Deals Today Include Titanfall and Arkham Origins

Our on staff secret agents have sniffed out a number of deals that are going to take place today on Amazon. Some are already ongoing while others will trickle out throughout the day. This isn’t your typical bargain bin sale either. Big name games such as Titanfall, Arkham Origins, and even Turtle Beach Headsets are set to receive a deep discount at some point today. Check below for a the full list of games, links to each page, sale prices, and start/end times. Some of these discounts are only going to be available for a few hours so be sure to act fast if you’re interested.

All start and end times listed are in (PST)


Titanfall (12:01am  – 11:59am): Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC- Disc, PC- Digital

Original Price: $59.99, Sale Price: $36.99 (38% Off)


Skylanders SWAP Force Figures (6:00am – 9:59am): Rubble Rouser, Spy Rise,

Skylanders SWAP Force Figures (2:00pm – 5:59pm): Slobber Tooth, Zoo Lou, Blizzard Chill

Rubble Rouser and Spy Rise Original Price: $14.99, Sale Price: $6.99 (53% Off)

Slobber Tooth, Zoo Lou, and Blizzard Chill Original Price: $9.99, Sale Price: $3.99 (60% Off)


Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51 Wireless Headset (10:00am – 11:59am): Link

Original Price: $269.99, Sale Price: $174.99 (35% Off)


Turtle Beach Marvel Seven Headset (12:00pm – 1:59pm): Link

Original Price: $199.99, Sale Price: $99.99 (50% Off)


Batman Arkham Origins (6:00pm – 9:59pm): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U

Original Price Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: $39.99, Sale Price: $19.99 (50% Off)

Original Price Wii U: $29.99, Sale Price: $19.99 (33% Off)


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (6:00pm – 9:59pm): Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita

Original Price: $19.99, Sale Price: $14.99 (25% Off)


BEYOND: Two Souls (10:00pm – 11:59pm): PlayStation 3

Original Price: $59.99, Sale Price: $24.99 (58% Off)

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