New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Offers Samurai and Past Heroes' Outfits

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh, Lightning has some pretty cool hair. I bet she’d look pretty sweet in Aeris’ outfit from Final Fantasy VII“? Probably, probably not, but now she can anyway. The latest downloadable content for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII offers a slew of new outfits, equipment, and weapons for the titular heroine.

Anyone who didn’t get the chance to receive the free SOLDIER outfit through pre-order can now obtain it through the Final Fantasy Legends Collection, and she looks like the baddest bitch in that outfit. The pack also includes Aeris’ outfit and Yuna’s Gunner dressphere outfit from FFX-2 for $9.99.

Dive, turn, work.

Dive, turn, work.

Additionally, there are some samurai-esque outfits available for purchase as well, that look also look particularly badass. The Samurai Collection includes 7 new designs for use in battle with unique attributes and strength as well for $9.99 as well. Other individual outfits and their weapons are available for $2.99. With every outfit offering unique abilities, you may want to check out some of these to change up your in-game strategy and save the world while looking straight-up fab.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can check out our review of the game right here and see whether or not you can dig it.

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