New Gameplay Trailer for Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube Released

Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is the new title coming from Liquid Flower Games. What started as a student project between them has been fleshed out into a full-fledged puzzle platformer that’ll be releasing on Steam in April. The most intriguing aspect of the gameplay is that the world around you (“Atlas”) is falling apart, so you’re going through levels using your power cubes to solve puzzles and bring the world together again. Today, a gameplay trailer was released and you can check that out above.

Looks absolutely relaxing, which of course infuriates me. So much. I just wanna punch it in its sweet, soothing face. Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is also competing for worst video game title of the year for 2014. Best of luck to them.

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