Looks Like Outrun is the Next 3D Sega Classic Heading to 3DS

One of the most charming gems of the 3DS’s library has been Sega’s selection of 3D rereleases, which not only add extra dimension to classic arcade and Genesis games, but also adds creative features and touches, such as Ecco’s “Dolphin Mode” and the addition of actual moving arcade sounds to After Burner.

Now, some eagle eyed fans have noticed the addition of a logo for an Outrun 3D to Sega’s website, meaning that the super chill and always cool racer will most likely be the next 3D Classic heading to the little handheld.  No word on whether or not it’ll be making the jump stateside, but it looks probably since most of the ports have already made their way to the US.

Surprisingly, I am actually super stoked for this release and I’m excited to see just which new features get added to this version.

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