Lack of Sleep Imminent as Threes! Hits the Google Play Store

One of the latest and most addictive iOS games to grace iTunes as of late has been one by the named of Threes!, created by Ashley Vollner, Jimmy Hinson, and Greg Wolhwend. Threes! features a bizarre twist on the standard matching game by implementing numbers and addition into the mix. For example, every time you swipe, a new card with a number on it will appear, and you must combine that card with another until it becomes a multiple of 3, and consequently with other identical numbers. If you’d like to give it a shot, you can try out 2048, which bears a concept similar to Threes!.

Owners with an Android device who have been pretty bummed out about no being able to play Threes! are now in luck, as the game makes its way to the Google Play Store today. You can purchase your copy here for just $1.99. If you already have and you haven’t stopped playing, please, remember to sleep and eat.

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