JetGetters Adds Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U Stretch Goals to Its Kickstarter

You’ve heard me speak about JetGetters. In case you’re no longer my best friend, though: It’s an awesome new game coming from tinyBuild where you use Just Cause 2’s grappling and Battlefield 4’s plane eject. That’s the whole game. You’re just trying to take down other planes in different game modes with shooting, grappling, and ejecting. Sounds fast-paced, right? Well, it could be. If  it reaches its goal on Kickstarter, that is.

Today, tinyBuild announced the stretch goals of bringing JetGetters to Xbox One ($75k), PS4 ($85k), and Wii U ($95k), as well as its original PC plan. I’m hoping to see this game make it to anything it wants to, since I’m well aware of tinyBuild’s ability to create mindless fun and JetGetters sounds right up my alley.

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