Insurgency Gets Big Molotov Spring Update with New Maps, Modes, and More

In a market chock-full of games with armed teams and guns blazing, Insurgency strives to provide the definitive, realistic, tactical shooter experience with team-based objectives in 32+ players matches. Fans of the game may rejoice as the latest update provides a slew of new content to enhance gameplay and offer new ways to maim your way to victory.

The first of many free, soon-to-be-released content packs is called Molotov Spring, which offers a variety of new maps, modes, improved co-op play, more weapons, and more weapon attachments. Exact details are still pretty scarce at the moment, but you can check out footage of the latest maps being added to Insurgency in the content trailer above.

I love the smell of free content in the morning. And napalm.

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